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Extras & Upgrades

Cutek® Extreme

Our material is manufactured from raw Nordic Spruce, and kiln dried to 16% moisture content prior to leaving the factory.

We recommend further protecting your unit AFTER assembly to ensure that the wood does not soak up any additional moisture. This can cause boards to warp and crack, or grow mould if not treated on both the interior and exterior of the unit. Any wood oil, stain or paint would be suitable.

It is best to speak to a local paint supplier to determine the best product to use on your structure to suit the specific climate and environment you will construct your unit in.

We distribute Cutek® Extreme – a high performance wood oil that is applicable for all exterior wood applications. This product comes as a full gallon of the clear oil, to which you can also add a variety of coloured tints if you choose.

Metal & Shingle Roofing

All units include 18mm (1 1/8″) roof boards which are made from the same raw spruce as the wall boards. We recommend installing additional roofing material to ensure your new structure can withstand the elements over time.

There are a variety of roofing materials that you could install, and the choice is up to you on what works best for your property. This will be an addition made after the structure is constructed and may not be included in the package price.

We work with local building suppliers, such as Slegg Building Materials, to provide a high quality roofing product that is custom ordered for your specific unit.

For shingle roofing, we typically quote a Duration Asphalt Shingle, and include plywood sheets, screws, tuck tape and roofing felt.

For metal roofing, we typically quote a 29g Allclad, which includes all metal sheets, ridge cap, flashing, colour-matched screws, and roofing felt.

Our suppliers carry a wide variety of metal profiles, gauges, color options, shingles, and other products to suit your project at an affordable and competitive price.

Contact us today for a custom tailored quote.