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 Due to the recent situation surrounding the Covid19 Pandemic, many people have suddenly found themselves having to work from home, or another remote space, rather than their actual office. This can prove to be very challenging for many people, especially when it comes to finding a quiet, private place in your home in order to feel motivated, focused, and productive. 




PacRim Log Structures offers many different units that can be used in a variety of applications to provide you with a proper workspace, that could be only steps from your home. Talk about a quick commute!



Office Space, Studios, Salons, & More!


These units come in a deconstructed package, wrapped in thick tarp and strapped to a pallet. The pack will include all wood material, doors, windows, and hardware as you see in the renderings. We can also provide any technical drawings or assembly instructions upon request.  


Any of our Standard and ISO Standard+ Models are mass produced, and will come exactly as you see in the rendering. We are unable to accommodate any changes to dimensions or addition of doors/windows in the factory. This does not mean that we cannot alter the unit during assembly on site – please let us know what you had in mind and we would be happy to see how we can create your vision!


All prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE additional GST (5%) & PST (7%), Delivery from Nanaimo, or Assembly. 




We can build it, you can enjoy it!

We provide assembly services, and would be happy to provide you with a tailored quote. 

No Building Permit Required*

Alabama – $3,435

9′ x 11′ – 99 sq.ft.

Victoria B – 28mm – $3,650

Victoria B – 40mm – $4,250

9.2′ x 9.2′ – 78.5 sq.ft.

Bunkie – $6,725

9.5′ x 12.5′ – 104.4 sq.ft.

Emma 4F – $6,270

11.5′ Radius – 95.7 sq.ft

Matti – $4,230

11.2′ x 9.2′ – 102.2 sq.ft.


11′ x 9′ – 99 sq.ft.

Oriental 3 – $3,700

12.1′ x 8.2′ – 100.1 sq.ft.

Building Permit Required*

Enzo B – $5,845

12.5′ x 12.5′ – 155 sq.ft.

Bidasoa – $4,985

15.7′ x 12.5′ – 195.9 sq.ft.

Oriental 5 – $6,520

14.75′ x 9.8′ – 145.3 sq.ft.

Andrea – $6,045

14.75′ x 9′ – 129.1 sq.ft.

Oklahoma – $6,550

14.75′ x 9.8′ – 145.3 sq.ft.

Camilla B – $5,015

11.8′ x 11.8′ – 139.9 sq.ft.

Victoria C – $6,120

12.5′ x 12.5′ – 149.6 sq.ft.

* Most municipalities and jurisdictions require building permits for units over 107.6 sq.ft. We always recommend looking into your local jurisdiction about your specific piece of property to determine the requirements for building permits in relation to any of our units. 


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