Technical Information

Technical Drawings

As part of your purchase, we will provide full technical drawings for your unit that show a manifest of all material and dimensions, a foundation plan, and measurements and elevations of the constructed unit from all angles.

In addition, we will also provide assembly instructions for your specific unit to assist you in the building of your unit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have while assembling – we are here to help you!

Assembly Tips

Due to the technical skill required to construct our units, we highly recommend construction of our units by an experienced carpenter, or someone with carpentry experience.

Our PacRim crew has put together a step-by-step assembly video featuring ground leveling, floor joist build, construction of unit, installation of insulation and roofing.

Symbol Reference

There are various symbols listed under each unit in our catalog that show measurements and specifications for each unit. Please see below on how to understand these symbols.  

Exterior Dimensions
Cabin Size
Wall Thickness
Wall Height
Ridge Height
Floor Area
Roof Area
Roof Pitch
Roof Overhang
Roof Boards
Floor Boards
Side+Tilt & Turn Opening
Tilt & Turn Opening
Side Opening
Tilt Opening
Package Size/Weight

PacRim is committed to providing a high-quality product and service to the Vancouver Island area and beyond. We strive to provide exceptional customer service from inquiry to unit lock-up.

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