Standard Bunkie


Price Includes Metal or Shingle Roofing Package

Metal Roofing Package includes: 29g Allclad Metal Roofing sheets in chosen colour, Custom Drip Edge Flashing, Custom Ridge Cap, Colour-Matched Screws, Asphalt Roofing Felt

Shingle Roofing Package includes: Duration Asphalt Shingles in chosen colour, 7/16″ OSB Plywood for Sheathing, ProEdge Ridge Cap, Black Drip Edge, Asphalt Roofing Felt, Staples or Roofing Nails to install

104.4 sq.ft. | 40mm Walls | 18mm Floor

No Building Permit Required*

* Most municipalities and jurisdictions require building permits for units over 107.6 sq.ft. We always recommend looking into your local jurisdiction about your specific piece of property to determine the requirements for building permits in relation to any of our units.