Precision and quality in every log

We use only high quality timber of Nordic Spruce, which is then manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and contemporary machinery.

The wood is grown in a cold climate, creating a tight grain and is then kiln dried to 16% moisture content. Our wood is CSA approved to be used as building material meaning you could use any of our units for living purposes (with additional upgrades to BCBC.

We strongly suggest looking into your local municipality or jurisdiction to determine if you can use any of our units for residential use.

Windows & Door Specifications


Foundation Beams

Foundation beams are pressure treated to provide a weatherproof barrier between the floor of your unit and the ground it sits on. All packages will come with 2"x3" joists that are meant for kits constructed on a concrete pad. If you do not plan to build on a concrete pad, we recommend that you substitute these 2"x3" joists for locally purchased 2"x8" or thicker.

NOTE: Sauna models WILL NOT come with pressure treated joist beams


Wall Logs

Depending on the model, wall logs are provided in 28mm (1 1/8"), 40mm (1 5/8") or 70mm (2 3/4") thickness - some models are offered in multiple thickness options. These Tongue & Groove boards are precision cut to specified lengths with various bevels, notches, and angles cut based on the specific model.


Roof Boards

Roof boards are made from 18mm x 110mm tongue & groove boards. Similarly, tongue & groove floor boards come standard in all units as 18mm, however, we offer an upgraded 28mm as well.

Screws & Nails Included

All models will come with screws and nails to construct the unit, as well as all hardware for doors and windows


All models feature interlocking corner joints, made with precision cutting for perfect fit.


A robust door handle and cylinder lock mechanism comes standard with keys to easily lock your unit.

Screws & Nails Included

All models will come with all screws and nails to construct the unit and install any finishing, as well as all hardware for doors and windows.

Storm Bars

Metal storm bars allow for compression of the unit over time and protect the unit from heavy winds.


Thresholds are fitted with stainless steel plates to reduce wear and tear.

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PacRim is committed to providing a high-quality product and service to the Vancouver Island area and beyond. We strive to provide exceptional customer service from inquiry to unit lock-up.

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