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Site Preparation & Assembly

How easy are these to assemble?

Our kits are pre-fabricated, meaning all of the wood is pre-cut to certain specifications for each model. As these boards are precision cut to fit each design, there is minimal cutting and measuring involved. The boards are also tongue & groove, which allows for quick assembly and a smooth, precise fit. Furthermore, all hardware and screws are included.  

While the material is easy to work with, our units do require a specific level of construction experience or carpentry skill to achieve success through every aspect of your build. We do provide assembly instructions and technical drawings however these can be limited depending on the unit chosen, and we do not recommend relying on these documents entirely to build your unit. We strongly suggest hiring an experienced, certified carpenter, to construct your unit from start to finish to ensure this is completed correctly.

This is even more the case when you have purchased additional material packages such as metal roofing, insulation, or a base material package as we do not provide instructions for these aspects – your builder should know how to install these packages. 


What do I need to do to prepare my site for my new unit?

The area where you will build your unit needs to be perfectly level to ensure that your unit will not settle unevenly over time. Starting with a flat ground base of crushed gravel, rock, or packed dirt is the first step.

Any units under 106 sq.ft. don’t typically require a building permit in most municipalities, and as such will not need as extensive of a foundation. The best option is still a concrete pad, however if your site does not allow for this, we suggest building a wooden base that rests on concrete patio stones or level gravel. The unit would then get built on top of this wooden base.

 Any units over 106 sq.ft. will typically require a building permit and your municipality will likely determine what kind of foundation you require. Typically these foundations would be concrete footings or a concrete pad.

Is there a company you suggest to assist with preparing my site?

PacRim Log Structures would be happy to provide a list of local Nanaimo companies that can prepare your site, and construct your unit. We are also always looking to add contractors to this list so please do not hesitate to reach out if you know of someone we should add to our suggested vendors!

What kind of base do you suggest building?

The most important thing to remember when building a base for your unit is efficient weight distribution. Over time the unit will settle and it is important that it settles evenly or you will run into issues with other parts of the unit becoming off center or out of alignment. 

The unit package will come with 2″x3″ joists, however we don’t find that these always offer enough support unless you are building on a concrete pad. 

If you are not able to construct a concrete pad, We typically suggest building a wooden floor joist system to provide a stable base for the unit. We recommend Pressure Treated 2″x8″ boards to build a double square the same dimensions as the unit foot print. We then add a row of joists 12″ – 16″ apart on center (depending on the technical specs for your specific unit), running opposite way of the floorboards to offer further support. 

This base would then sit on concrete patio stones or pier blocks.

What’s Included + Additional Costs?

What is included in the package price?

 The unit package will include:

– All wooden wall boards in specified thickness, 3/4″ roof boards, and floor boards in specified thickness

– All doors and windows as shown in rendering

– All hardware for doors and windows (hinges, handle and lock mechanism, keys, etc.)

– All nails or screws required to construct the unit 

What are some additional costs that may be involved with purchasing a unit?

Our packages will only come with the material to construct your purchased model (wood for walls, floor and roof boards; doors & windows; hardware). 

You will require Torx Bits 10-40 so your drill is compatible with the provided screws. 


Additional upgrades:

– Base or Foundation material for the unit to be built on

– Roofing materials such as a Metal Roofing Package or Shingled Roofing Package

– Insulation Packages for under the floor and on top of the roof boards.

– Wood protection products such as a wood oil, paint or stain.

 We work with local suppliers to provide material packages for each additional upgrades.


Is assembly included?

We sell deconstructed log structure kits, so assembly is not included with the listed price. 

As part of your purchase, we provide you with assembly instructions and technical drawings, and are available for any questions you have about the construction of your unit. We also have videos of some of our units that can be viewed here

Due to the technical skill involved with the construction of our units, we do recommended hiring a skilled carpenter to assemble. We are happy to suggest local Nanaimo companies to work with.  

Are furnaces and coals included in Saunas?

Our Sauna models will not come standard with a furnace and coals – these will need to be sourced from a local supplier and will not be included in the package price.

Due to safety restrictions, all Sauna models will not come with pressure treated foundation beams due to potential for chemical releasing during heating. 

The saunas will come standard with benches, but can be purchased without.

Do I require any special tools?

As our kits are manufactured in Europe, they will be made to metric measurements, and all drawings/instructions are in shown in metric. We are not able to convert these measurements to imperial for you. 

We recommend using a metric tape measure to ensure accuracy while building. 

We also recommend using Torx bits 10-40, as all screws will require a torx head. 

If you have ordered a metal roofing package, you may need to cut the metal. Appropriate hand-tools or machinery will be required for this.

If you have ordered additional material packages such as a wooden floor joist system, or an insulation package, you may need to cut mateiral such as aluminium channels, pressure treated wood, or insulation sheets. It is up to the customer to ensure you have the correct tools or machinery to do so. 


What kind of roofing do you suggest installing?

Your unit will come with 3/4″ roof boards as part of the package, however we suggest protecting these boards to ensure they are not affected by the weather.

We suggest a 29g Allclad Metal roof that is offered in a variety of colours, however there are multiple gauges and metal profiles that can be ordered as well. Metal packages are offered in 20 different colours and provide great protection from overhanging trees, while looking bright!

If you would prefer to have a shingled roof, we suggest using asphalt duration shingles that are offered in a variety of colours to match your home’s roof colour. These offer long-lasted durability for our West Coast climate.

We work with local building suppliers to provide a high quality product at the best price, that is custom ordered to fit your unit. We would be happy to provide you with a tailored quote especially for your unit, at the best price.  

What is the best way to insulate a unit?

Read our recent blog post about Insulation here.

Because these units are pre-manufactured and milled in Europe, they are not built with Canadian requirements for R-factor.

The only insulation these units have will be the thickness of their walls (28mm, 40mm or 70mm). Depending on what you are using this unit for, you can decide to add on further insulation in a variety of ways:

– Installing rigid Styrofoam insulation sheets under the floor boards

– Installing fiberglass insulation sheets on top of the roof boards, and underneath metal or shingle roofing

This tends to be sufficient enough insulation for most of our smaller units under 300 sq.ft. depending on what they are being used for.

For any units being used for residential applications, you may be required to insulate the walls to ensure the structure meets CSA building codes.

Can you install plumbing or electrical?

Think of our kits as the shell of the structure. However you choose to finish the interior or exterior is up to you. It is easy to install plumbing and electrical before, during and after assembly. Rough-ins can be cut directly into the wood, and conduit can be ran up through the foundation if necessary. Any electrician or plumber should be able to provide this service for you directly.

Do these units come stained?

The units will come as raw untreated spruce. You will need to further protect the unit to protect it from the elements and ensure the boards do not warp or rot. 

As these boards come untreated, you can use any type of wood oil or stain to treat them. We suggest talking to a local paint supplier about what type of product will work best for where you live and the type of climate your unit will see. 

We distribute a product called Cutek Extreme that is a premium wood oil and is perfect for our units. This product comes as a clear oil which is a great option for protecting the unit while maintaining the raw colour of the wood. We also offer a variety of ColourTones to add into the wood oil to stain the unit.

For more information on the colours we offer, please see our Extras & Upgrades page 

For more information about Cutek Extreme, please visit: 


Can I pick up the unit myself?

You are more than welcome to pick up your unit, however we encourage you to ensure that the method you are using is capable of carrying your unit based on its weight and dimensions. 

Due to the length of these units, they are very fragile and can easily cause damage to the package contents if loaded or unloaded incorrectly. We suggest using an open sided, flat trailer to transport so they can be loaded from the side. Loading into an enclosed truck can be very difficult and can often cause the package to bend or the pallet to break.

Our crew will load the unit for you by forklift to ensure it is loaded carefully, however it is the customer’s responsibility to strap the unit down and ensure the unit is secure for transport.

How Much is Delivery?

We work with a local Nanaimo trucking company to deliver our units in the safest and most cost-effective way possible.

Utilizing a flat deck truck with a hiab crane, this allows the driver to drop your unit onto your property with ease while keeping the package fully wrapped.

This service is roughly $200/hr + ferry fees if necessary. Delivery areas are all of Vancouver Island and all Gulf Islands.


For deliveries off of Vancouver Island:

We work with LTL carriers such as Van-Kam or Canadian Freightways to ship our units across Western Canada and into the United States. 

Depending on the size and weight of the unit, these carriers typically cannot deliver directly to your property as their power tailgates cannot carry the weight of the unit so they are unable to offload onto your property. The unit would need to be delivered to one of their major depot service centers and held for pick-up. You’d then want to hire a local company with a flat deck or crane truck to deliver it further to your property. 

We would be happy to provide you with a Rate Quote from an LTL carrier to any major service center in Canada upon request. 


Do you keep any units in stock?

We do our best to keep our most popular 28mm and 40mm units in stock at all times, however they don’t always last long!

If we need to order a 28mm or 40mm unit from the factory, it will typically take 6 – 8 weeks to arrive. Current ordering and production times will differ depending on current state of factory – COVID19 has affected these times and we are currently at approx. 6 months for special orders.

We do not keep any 70mm units in stock as they are made to order only. 

How long does it take to receive a unit that has been ordered?

All of our units are imported from Estonia in Europe. 

If we have to order in your unit, we do our best to fill an entire container prior to shipping. This depends on what our current status of orders are. 

Once we have a full container to ship, it takes approximately 8 weeks to arrive in Nanaimo once it has left Estonia. Please note that COVID19 has affected the importation of all products into Canada. Customs clearance, container pickup, and barging may take longer than originally quoted. This is entirely out of our control.

*Please note, that ANY 70mm unit is made to order, and will take an extra 4-6 weeks to be produced in the factory PRIOR to shipping. 

What kind of deposit is required to order a unit?

We require the following Initial Payments on our units and material:

– ALL IN-STOCK UNITS require a 100% payment for the kit and all materials ordered. 

– UNITS IN TRANSIT OR ON ORDER: 28mm or 40mm units require a 50% Initial Payment to secure a hold on the unit

– 70mm units require a 50% Initial Payment to be paid PRIOR to the unit being released into production at the factory

 All units and material are required to be paid in full prior to leaving our property for pick-up or delivery

Can I customize any of my unit?

Any of our 28mm and 40mm units are mass produced and can only be made as you see it in our catalog. 

The only changes you could make to these units are adding windows or doors (which would need to be ordered separately and installed during or after assembly), or adding extra boards to extend the height of the unit.

Extra boards are priced at $275/row (1 row = 4 boards at 4.5″ high – 1 board per side) for 28mm/40mm boards, and $525/row for 70mm. 

 If you are ordering a 70mm unit, these are made to order and do allow for some changes such as moving or adding windows and doors, adding on interior walls for insulation purposes, or potentially moving interior wall placements. The only thing to consider is that changes are only allowed if the unit will maintain it’s structural integrity.

The factory is unable to remove any interior walls during manufacturing as this will not provide enough support for the roof structure. 

Do I require a building permit for my unit?

It is the responsibility of the customer to procure any building permits required for the construction of your unit, or to determine if a permit is required for your unit in general.

Each municipality and jurisdiction is different and will have different requirements so we encourage you to go to your local building permit office to learn what these are for your specific piece of property.

Typically, most municipalities do not require a building permit for any unit under 107.6 sq.ft. (10 sq.m) however this should still be confirmed. You’d also want to ensure that you are building your unit within the correct setbacks. 

We are not able to provide any advice on bylaws, permitting, BCBC, engineering, setbacks, or any other legal information that pertains to the construction of your structure on your property.

What are the Snow and Roof Loads?

Because these units are manufactured in Europe, the factory does not provide snow load or roof load information for these units as per Canadian equivalents.

We encourage you to speak to a local structural engineer to determine these values to ensure you are receiving accurate information to our climate and seismic zone. 

What Kind of Warranty is Included?

Any material purchased or provided by PacRim Log Structures from a third party supplier will be subject to the warranty provided by that supplier. There will be no warranty on labour or materials provided by the Purchaser. PacRim will not be held liable for damages caused by labour or materials provided by the Purchaser. 

Pre-fabricated kits purchased from PacRim manufacturer are warrantied for a period of 5 years, calculated from the year shown on the identification plate attached to each structure.

The warranty covers: seal failures in glass, hardware, thru splitting of wall logs, and any defective components produced that cannot be used for assembly.

Items not covered include the following: Any inherent features of wood such as checking, warping, twisting, natural colour variations in wood; damage or deterioration caused due to lack of sealers or paints; defects caused by faulty installation; inadequate foundations; natural drying of wood, knots that do not affect the structure made by anyone of than the manufacturer. This warranty shall cover the cost of replacement parts only. 

Regular maintenance is required for the longevity of your purchased unit. Failiure to properly maintain purchased unit may void manufacturer’s warranty. 



Will I need an engineer to approve my unit?

If your unit requires a building permit, you may require a sign-off from a structural engineer prior to building your unit. This is dependent on your municipality or jurisdiction. Because our units are manufactured in Europe, they will not come pre-approved by a Canadian engineer. This means you may require a Canadian engineering firm to approve your plans as per BC Building Codes.

We work with local structural engineers to draft and sign-off on plans that are approved for any of the municipalities on Vancouver Island. We would be happy to provide you with this reference. 

What kind of payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, interac, personal cheque, ETF, or money transfer through your bank.

We do accept cash however we request you contact us prior about this method of payment. 

What is your Cancelation/Refund Policy?

Refunds or return of payment are offered on in-stock items (as long as the item is still in PacRim possession), and regular stock items that are in-transit, as long as order placed was not a special order as requested by customer, outside of PacRim Log Structure’s typical ordering trends. 

Purchaser is responsible for notifying PacRim Log Structures of any cancelations of their unit and/or material packages. PacRim Log Structures will not be held liable for failiure to communicate cancelation request by Customer. There will be no refund of payment on special order products, before or after production or ordering, including pre-fabricated kits, metal or shingle roofing packages, insulation or base material packages, or any other additional material package as requested by customer.

There will be no refund of initial payment on a 70mm (2 3/4″) wall thickness unit once the order has been submitted for production. There will be no refund of payments made on any custom order once submitted for production. 

There will be no refunds on unit packages or mateirals once a package has been opened by customer, or material has been installed, cut, or altered in any way that would deem this material unfit to resell or reuse. There will be no refunds for labour performed, or delivery charges. 


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