Apple Blend Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets

All-Natural Wood Grilling Pellets

2 lb bags | $7.99

20 lb bags | $29.95

40 lb bags | $49.95

Apple wood is the strongest of the fruit-woods and provides a good, hearty smoke with a sweet and fruity flavour. This blend contains a base wood of de-barked oak to provide high heat, while the bark-on apple wood provides the flavour you are looking for.

A superb choice for pork, ribs, ham, fish, poultry and game birds.

specs and description

All of our pellet blend recipes are ground into a homogeneous mixture before pelleting, which ensures that every pellet contains the full recipe. This ensures that the pellets burn evenly and provide a consistent amount of flavour.


    • 60% Oak, 40% Apple
    • Ground before pelleting, every pellet contains the full recipe for a consistent flavour
    • Made from 100% Pure Oak and Apple Tree wood chips, not residual sawdust
    • Consists of the bark and cambium layer of trees where the most flavour in a tree resides
    • Smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area
    • No oils, sprays, fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Just 100% all-natural Wood